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Looking after your pet's emotional health

The use of a veterinary behaviourist is an important component in improving your pet's behaviour and emotional wellbeing as physical and emotional health are intrinsically linked.


Dr Natasha Cocker BSc DVM MSc MRCVS is an Advanced Practitioner in Companion Animal Behaviour, offering a veterinary referral service for behavioural problems in dogs and cats.
Natasha is one of the few Veterinary Behaviourists working in East Anglia and Hertfordshire.
Having both veterinary and behavioural knowledge allows Natasha to assess and treat your pet's behaviour and emotional health while assessing how any physical illness or discomfort is contributing.


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Tahli M


Dr Tash provided me with a zoom consultation to help with the behaviour of my cat Albie. Albie was displaying issues with inappropriate urination and unfavourable behaviours within the house. Dr Tash worked through these issues with me and was able to provide excellent advice to help resolve these issues. Albie is now a content and happy housemate who urinates where he is supposed to. I would recommend Dr Tash to anyone who has animals with behaviour issues.


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