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Information for owners

Woods Veterinary Behaviour is a veterinary referral service for behavioural medicine. 

That is - I will help you with your dog or cat's behavioural concerns through diagnosing the underlying emotions and motivations for their behaviours.


By finding out the WHY for your pet's behaviour we will then be able to determine the HOW to achieve effective treatment and resolution.

Below is a list of difficulties you may be experiencing with your pet. I want to help you understand why your pet is behaving in certain ways, create a plan that suits you and your pet and support you along that journey.

  • Separation related behaviours

  • Fearful behaviour

    • Towards new people

    • With noises e.g. fireworks

    • Stopping on walks

    • Grooming 

    • Veterinary visits

  • Showing aggression towards people or dogs

  • Repetitive behaviours

  • Excessive barking or destruction

  • Disharmony within a multi-pet household


The consultation process

Step 1: Get in contact with you local veterinarian to arrange to referral. They can find the referral form here. Also remember to give you veterinarian permission to share your information. 

Alternatively, you can get in contact with me here, if you have any questions prior to starting the referral process. 

Step 2: Once I have received the referral and your pets medical history I will send you more detailed informaiton about the consultiation process and package options.

If you have pet insurance, I recommend you get in contact with them/check your policy wording as many insurance companies will cover treatment costs for behaviour if this is through a veterinarian and Certified Clinical Animal Behaviourist (CCAB).

Step 3: I will ask you to complete a questionnaire and consent form, which can be found here.

Step 4: Once I have received your questionnaire we will book you appointment date. 

About the consultation itself:

Our initial consult will involve gathering a thorough understanding of your pet's behaviour and medical history. This information will then be used to determine what is driving the behaviour and create a plan to move forwards, rebuild and protect the bond with your pet that is tailored to your pet and family. 

- Depending on house set up and COVID restrictions this may be conducted at your home or as a remote consult. 

- Phone and email support is included to aid implementation and adjustment of our plan as needed. 

- Follow up appointments are recommended to progress the practical work of changing our pet's emotional response to situations they are finding difficult.